Friday, August 21, 2009

Not much time to post today...

We're headed out to Rocky Mountain National Park, one of my favorite places in all the world - hoping to see some wildlife.

Here's a shot that I took yesterday on our hike near Mad Creek, just outside of town. The water was so cool and refreshing!

Just a few minutes ago I looked out the window and saw a beautiful red fox crossing the lawn at our timeshare! It was gone before I could get a picture though.

Today is our last day to be out and about. I may not be able to post much until we're home, but we'll see. Tommorrow we start the drive home.

Have a wonderful day! More to come.


linda t said...

Praying you have a day filled with sweet surprises on your road trip... like LOTS of wildlife... gorgeous scenery... and love and laughter.
Love the Hanns so much!

linda t said...

Welcome home! Hope you're having a pleasant trip back to the Valley. Miranda said she got quite the rain & thunderstorm in your part of the Valley the other night. We didn't get so much.
See you soon.