Monday, July 28, 2008

In the pleasant company of dear's like curling up in your favorite cozy chair.

Saturday night we had the privilege of hosting a small gathering with some old friends, most of which we've known for over 30 years. All the guys and a few of the ladies in this group were involved in a Christian outreach ministry called Hand in Hand back in the 70's in Phoenix.

This wasn't just some little concert that a church put on. It happened every Saturday night and for much of the time, it was held in two different locations each week. It was one of the most popular places for high school and college age kids to go if they wanted to hear amazing original music in a healthy, casual atmosphere. And best of all, it was free!

Many young people were introduced to the gospel and a non-traditional Christianity for the times. We learned how to trust God with who we were, even if we looked different on the outside.

To this day, if you ask someone who grew up in Phoenix during that time, there's a good chance they will have heard of Hand in Hand.

We were blessed to share a common vision and passion to humbly reach out thru music to those who were searching for the answers to life's questions.

Now we're blessed to still be in touch with so many of those friends from the past. Interestingly, this small group of 5 couples represented parts of 6 different performing groups from those old days, many of which are still singing and/or playing for the Lord. And check out what I just found! A recent review of the old New Beginning album. You can also find Randy's music on his website here and Dave's music here.

We had a marvelous time catching up on our lives and continuing to dream about our future. As you can imagine, the night also was filled with large doses of love and laughter. What an honor to be able to spend our time with this precious group of lifelong friends.


linda t said...

Randy & I talked and laughed the whole way home... remembering all the wonderful conversations that took place.
What a fun-loving, special group of friends.
We are indeed blessed!
THANK YOU Terry & Nancy for opening your home and creating such a safe, warm and welcoming environment for us to come together and reconnect.
The food was the best! The meat fantastic!
Thank you!

Miranda said...

I love hearing stories about hand in hand. My gosh what a great time it sounds like. I wish we could have something like that today.