Thursday, January 11, 2007

I just finished reading this book, "7 Seconds or Less" about the Phoenix Suns and LOVED IT!!! I read most of it last night. Now I want to be one of them...o.k. so maybe I could work there doing their travel arrangements or something...or be the team mom. They sound like such great guys...oh a little insecure and stressed at times, and who blames them, but overall an awesome group.

You'll fall in love with Barbosa (he seems so innocently sweet) and Nash (he's not innocent but a very caring, intelligent, hard-working leader of the team. even though somewhat of a social rebel at heart).

Here's a review of the book to give you a taste.

Read it!


linda t said...

I want to read the book next!!!
Bring it tonight!!

Amy said...

back off ... Barbosa is mine ...

Sandy said...

Hey there. This book sounds excellent and I'll have to tell my hsuband about it. He's been a coach 10 yrs, now a high school soccer coach. His team went to the state play-offs in Nov. and lost by one goal!
Thanks for the note on my blog. The book is on our list to buy. My hubby has heard great things about your ministry.
Blessings! PS It's been a kick getting to know Linda T.!!