Tuesday, October 03, 2006

In the spirit of all that is Autumn...

Here's a fun pic of Amy & Kevin the first Halloween that we spent in SCV 1986.

Amy was a ballerina in a hand-me-down tutu (is that how you spell it?) and Kevin was a farmer, of course. We generally created costumes from thrift store finds and they turned out o.k. Nothing spectacular, but they had fun. The kids both have pretty creative minds so the fun was in the ideas, not necessarily the costumes.

Let's see...here's a list of a few of the costumes that they wore, not in any order. Sometime I'll post some of the pics.

Indiana Jones
Lumberjack with full beard
Mormon Missionary
Peter Pan
A Nerd
A Bum
A Hippie

Bunch of grapes
50's girl
70's girl
Gift-wrapped present
Black Cat

I know there's more, I just have to dig more through my old photo boxes. Some day I'm going to do a scrap book album just of their Halloween pictures. They are just so DARN CUTE!



Scott said...

I've not heard of going out on Halloween, dressed as a Mormon missionary...LOL. What a great idea! Those answering the door would be the ones throwing the eggs:).

linda t said...

CUTE pic of Kevin and Amy!
I really want to scrapbook Halloween too!

Don't you just LOVE this rain in PHX today!!!

Anonymous said...

man ... I am so cute.

Nancy said...

Cute kids! All kids seem to love dressup. I can't wait to see the pictures.