Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fort Myers, FL (Part 7)  - A Visit to Naples

On our last day we wanted to be pretty low key so we'd have time to get packed and have a good night's rest that night.  Besides, Mom was starting to get tired.  At 86, it was a big trip for her and she did so well the whole time!

Alice suggested that we take a leisurely trip down the coast to the beautiful town of Naples. It was a gorgeous drive along the coast and actually over several islands linked together by simple bridges.  When we got into town we made a quick stop just to see the beach.
The weather was a little cool, but the day was still gorgeous to sit and enjoy the beach.  The sand there is much more fine than it is in California.  Not sure why.  Does anyone know?

Aren't these birds just sweet in their chorus line?

Next we went into town and had lunch at Tin City, then took a drive around the lovely neighborhoods. 
 There was such a variety of architecture there.  I love the boldness of the tropical colors in the aqua house.  That one's for you Linda.  Most of these homes back up to the water.  Besides that, it was an area similar to Beverly Hills, although not sure that the price tag is quite the same.  
The Banyan trees in the front yards were amazing as well.  After seeing the huge one in Fort Myers, you can tell why they would have to keep these well trimmed so they don't take over their whole yard.  They're so unique and a little spooky at the same time.

I must say that there were quite a few "For Sale" signs in the yards.  Just another indication of the state of the economy all over the country.
Now we made one more stop at Sea Salt before we ended our day, but I'll save that for the next post since it had surprises that were both fun and a little sad. That was our last official event of the trip.

Come back tomorrow to see what happened!


linda t said...

Lovely pics Nancy.
Love the bold colors in the unique architecture.
I have found a few beach house decorating sites lately and they sure have their own character and style. I'm really liking the look.

PelicanBayRealtor said...

Great photos, especially the one with the pelicans! I'm glad you and your Mom enjoyed your time in our city. I hope you are able to return some day and spend some more time in Naples.