Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Ready for something “real” instead of a New Year’s Resolution? 

How about making the decision to make a 2 Degree change in your health, your home and your heart for God – not a “180 Degree” change that you’ll never keep. 

Like finding a friend and the two of you committing to doing (and bugging each other to do) ten sit-ups and five push-ups a night. Or drinking five glasses of water a day. Or having one dessert every other night, instead of every night. 

For more ideas on making 2 Degree changes in your home and heart for God check out my friend, John Trent's book of the same title - click here to read about "The 2 Degree Difference"!

1 comment:

linda t said...

I was thinking the same things... no more resolutions... just small steps to success.
I will for sure check out John Trent's book. Sounds like my kind of plan.
Thanks Nancy.