Saturday, January 09, 2010

Oh My Gosh - I am so far behind...
...that I don't even know where to start.

It's kind of funny that I signed up to Journal my Christmas and only managed to do one post about it.  So here's what I'm thinking about doing next year.  I'll go thru the list of topics that I got this year and try to write about them thru-out the year.  Then when they come around in December, I'll already have the text and will just have to copy it into the blog and add photos.  I'm assuming that she changes it up a little each year, but some of the topics have to be repeated, right?  So, I guess that needs to go on my To-Do list so I don't forget to write about Christmas in July.  I'm really looking forward to the journaling.  It's just way too busy in December, so I need to do some prep work.
For now, I'll catch you up on one of my decorating updates around the house.  While I was taking the Christmas tree ornaments down, I decided to change my branch a little.  It started out with the removal of a few more sparkly items and the addition of some heart-shaped ornaments in preparation for Valentine's Day.  Then I decided to add a few more ornaments and such to represent various things that we're looking forward to in the coming I call it my New Year's branch.  Here are some of the items on it now.  When we get closer to Valentine's Day I'll add a few more hearts probably.

  • In the first photo above, it's obviously a globe turned toward Europe.  That's because the big news is that we're going to Bosnia on a short term mission trip there in May (hopefully).  Did you know that it's across the ocean to the east of Italy?  You can read a little more about our plans in our Christmas Letter, if you haven't read it yet.  Tonight we watched the movie, "Welcome to Sarajevo", which gives just a glimpse into the horrible war there in the 90's.  We're also reading some books about it and learning from those who have been there in preparation for our trip. There will be lots more news to come on that as well.
In this next photo you'll also see:
  • The car represents road trips that we hope to take.  We love adventure whether near or far.  Now you have to ignore the fact that the car is sitting in a tree.  We're not planning on anything like that happening!
  • The music note is a reminder of the new opportunities that Terry will have to play publicly with his friends Dave and Bob, as well as doing what he has always loved, playing with the worship band at church.
  • The mitten behind the note represents my hope to get up to the cold country to see some snow sometime this year.
  • The little framed ornament says "Be Merry" - just a reminder to be joyful in all things.
  • The word tags say "Thanksgiving" (to fill our hearts with it), "lazy days" (to slow down and relax once in a while), and "flowers" (who doesn't love them!)

  • And you must have noticed that sweet chubby red cardinal sitting on the branch.  We could say that it represents our Phoenix Cardinals football team, or having a chance to get out and enjoy some nature during the year, but in reality I just think he's an adorable little guy and wanted to see him perched on the branch.  Besides, he matches the color scheme. (my branch, my rules)
  • On the right of the photo below you'll see a camera.  Guess what that represents?
So needless to say, we're as excited about the year to come, as we always are and maybe a litle more so, since we have some new adventures to look forward to.

Be sure to stop by again to hear about the rest of last year too!  It's coming soon, really...


Amy T Schubert said...

does the camera represent you learning how to shoot in manual?

Julie said...

cute. I love it.