Saturday, October 03, 2009

Our cute kids!

O.k., so this is a random post, but I wanted to do it before I forget. I am going thru old photos today for another purpose, but came across these adorable pictures of Amy and Kevin.

Don't you just love em?

Kevin was the Lion in the Wizard of Oz when he was in 6th grade. I made the costume. His mane was made out of raffia and the rest of him was covered in fuzziness.

Amy looks like the perfect flower child. I'm not sure where or when this one was taken. Amy, can you help?

I've seen lots more that I like too, but thought I'd share these today.

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Amy T Schubert said...

my guess is .... 1994, 95 or 96 ?? don't know where, though ... where did we go on vacations those years?