Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm Going to Florida!

I just confirmed that I will be going to Florida in early February with my mom and sisters.  I found a great rate for airfare (thank you Southwest Airlines!) and we're looking into getting a timeshare there too!  Woohoo!

We're going to visit my mom's step-sister, Alice.  She is really closer to the age of my oldest sister, Diane, so I've never really called her "Aunt" Alice.

We're going to the Fort Myers area, which is on the Gulf Coast in the southern part of the state.  Alice has lived there for a long time and will be our companion and tour guide.  It will just be a quick trip.  Arriving on a Thursday and leaving the following Tuesday.  Since both those days are essentially travel days, we'll really only have 4 days there.  That will be plenty for my mom, but will make me just want to come back to Florida again soon. 

Over the last few years, my sisters and I have been trying to do some kind of trip with my mom each year and we weren't able to go anywhere in 2009.  At 85, we never know how many more of these excursions she'll be able to do with us.  She has always loved to travel, and now of course, she doesn't want to go  alone.

I'm so glad that we have the chance to do this with her once in a while.  It's a gift for all of us to be able to share the uninterrupted time together. (Thanks Terry for letting me go.)

The only time I've ever been in Florida is when Terry and I went on a Caribbean cruise and flew into Fort Lauderdale to board the ship.  We were there long enough to go from the airport to the ship and back and that was it.  We've talked often about vacationing there, but just haven't made it yet.  Maybe someday soon we'll get to go together...

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Angie in AZ said...

My sister got married there and she actually lives in Tampa now. I'd like to go again soon. They have the most gorgeous, white beaches! You will LOVE it!