Thursday, July 16, 2009

Awesome New Lanterns!

Check out these fun lanterns that Linda gave me for my birthday! Aren't the colors just awesome? They're each about 5 inches tall which is a perfect size to fit just about anywhere.

Linda said they were for hanging on our new tree(s) in the front yard, but the trees aren't quite big enough for the lanterns yet. You'll see what I mean in my upcoming landscaping post.

For now I have them hanging from this basket rack in the corner of my dining room. I'm sure I'll try them out other places hanging from the back patio cover or on the living room front window sill. They would look great next to the red sofa.

Thanks Linda! You're such a great shopper. I always love the things you find. I'd love to have even more of these in any and all colors!


linda t said...

Oh Nancy, I just love the look of them grouped together on your sill! And they look stunning hanging on your basket rack too!
So glad you like them.
I am loving your front yard transformation pics! So excited to see the final pics.

Charity Grace said...

I love these! I am all about creative lighting, and I bet these create a great ambience.