Sunday, June 28, 2009

Why is that door green, you ask?

Sorry, I'm not sure what happened with the pics on my last post. If the ideas sound intriguing go to the website and see what I'm talking about.

Since the pace has slowed down over the summer and I've been feeling a little bored lately, I am trying to do some creative things at home...just little projects here and there to keep the creative juices going.

When I was at Home Depot the other day, I picked up one of these cans of RustOleum Chalk Board paint that can be made into custom colors. Unfortunately the colors shown on the can I bought were a little different than these shown at the link. These are updated with a bit more variety. Anyway, I had a can of Spring Green made up for a few projects around the house. BTW, the standard green and black can also be found in spray cans.

As soon as I got home, I painted the inside of the hall closet door, as you can see above. Here's my thinking...this door is directly in front of you when you walk in the front entrance. This way, if Terry or I are not crossing paths for some reason, I can leave him a note on the chalkboard and leave the door open, so there's no way that he'll miss it. Pretty cool, huh? I'm debating about painting the door between the Family Room and Laundry room the same way, as shown here at this great looking blog called, The Inspired Room (I'll have to go back to visit that one.) Not sure yet if I want it visible all the time...could look a little messy. What do you think?

The original reason that I bought the paint, was that I saw pics somewhere (in a magazine, I'm guessing) of some glass canisters with chalkboard labels and loved the idea!

First of all, you can clearly label and re-label any containers that you have so there's no guessing what's inside. Second, you can customize the color to match your decor. Third, you can re-purpose old containers to make them all spiffy and help save the planet with recycling as well. Just imagine all those glass jars in your house or that you see for pennies at yard sales or thrift stores (Linda) that could be dolled up with chalkboard labels and ribbons, then given as gifts or sold on Etsy or at your next community craft sale. This photo (left) will give you an idea of what I'm thinking. These labels have a more ragged edge than the ones I saw before, but you get the idea. You can go either way with that, make them larger or even round if you're skilled at painting. Once I get some finished, I'll post more pics.

Here are some other really great and unique ideas that I came across while searching for the photo of the canisters.

Tins with Chalkboard Labels - you could also do this with round tins of cookies or other goodies with a pretty ribbon and kind words for a teacher or friend
Chalkboard wall calendar - Martha Stewart's site
Chalkboard Idea Globe
I like this repurposed recycle bin with Chalkboard label
There are more great ideas here at The Pleasures of Homemaking - I think I'll steal the idea for the galvanized tub to do with my drink tubs for get-togethers. OH, and I can do the same on my large glass beverage servers to label, water, lemonade, tea, etc. AND on my coffeemakers for Regular and Decaf!

Wow! The possibilities really are endless! Let me know what else you've thought of for this great paint.

OMG and check out these amazing colored chalkboard MARKERS here!!! These are the kind that you see used often at restaurants to display their daily specials. I think they're worth looking into.

So do you have enough inspiration for the day? If you come to my house and see everything painted with chalkboard paint, you'll not it got a little out of hand. Have fun creating!

Next time I'll show you the fabric I bought for my sweet little fabric birds and we'll see if we can find a pattern for fabric quail. Has anyone seen one? I heard it's out there but haven't had a chance to look.


Julie said...

Interesting. Thanks for the ideas. Somehow I totally missed your bird post. I like the idea.

linda t said...

Love your idea Nancy.
I've seen some of these sites. So inspiring... especially the painted labels on glass jars to write on. Love the look.
And your painted door on the inside is way cool!

I posted the CA wedding pics. Such a fun wedding! Course, Emolyn practically stole the show again. Ha!