Friday, May 08, 2009

Antiques Roadshow in Phoenix

Did you know that the Antiques Roadshow is going to be in Phoenix on August 1st? Well, a month or so ago, I just happened to stumble across that information and also a link to sign up for a chance to get free tickets to attend the event.

I've watched the Roadshow sporadically, but being the eternal optimist I'm always so excited for the people that have some random piece that turns out to be worth thousands or tens of thousands. What a fun adventure!

Anyway, I just got an email saying that I will be receiving 2 tickets in the mail in the coming weeks. I'm not sure exactly what I would take down there to be appraised. I'll have to look over the website a little more to see what the process is.

I'm not sure if Terry will want to go down with me (he's not a fan of standing in lines) so if any of you would be interested in going and have something fun to take down there, let me know. It could be a fun photo op day and maybe even a great story of finding out about a hidden treasure.


Amy T Schubert said...

(of course I can't go, but) that sounds like SOOOO much fun!

brandi said...

Wow, that is really fun! I love it when people bought something at a yard sale and it turns out to be worth so much more than they paid.

linda t said...



I watch the show all the time!

And I have a few things I would love to have appraised!