Saturday, February 28, 2009

I just had to post this.

I've been sorting old pictures all day and many of them made me smile, but this one made me laugh out loud (several times). It's the look on Amy's face.

I know she was sincere in her affectionate gaze at her new little brother. Come on she wasn't even two years old, but you'd think she was going to grow up to be an actress or something.


What did people do before photographs? It's so fun to look back at these.

Today I started sorting my old printed photos by subject. I realized that when I look thru old pictures, I usually am looking for a picture of "someone" not a specific event or date. So, I'm sorting our photos in separate boxes that way. Here's the categories I have so far:

Amy (includes activities that they participated in school, church, etc.)
Amy & Andrew
Kevin(includes activities that they participated in school, church, etc.)
Amy & Kevin together
Terry & I together with or without the kids
Perkins extended family
Hann extended family
Home & Pets
General (scenery or whatever)

At some point I may sort there even further and I'll scan my favorites, but for now this will help greatly to narrow down the location of photos when I'm searching.

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