Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I Can Hardly Wait for Vacation!!!
A week from now we'll be jetting to the east coast.
Note: this photo borrowed from one of my favorite sites - The photographer is Ajitkumar Natarajan.

I checked the weather in Lincoln, New Hampshire and the high tomorrow is 56 degrees, with a low of 23!!! BRRRRR!!! No rain in the forecast so far, which is good.

I am SO looking forward to the chill in the air and the amazing scenery. Pictures, pictures, pictures. You'll be sick of them. Hoping for a few stops at some arts and crafts sales and antique stores, wandering thru the picturesque little towns and villages. And oh, my mouth is craving clam chowder and lobster already. I don't really care about much more than that...a warm crackling fire maybe.

Can't you just feel Autumn coming? It's on everyone's mind.

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Nancy said...

Sounds exciting... enjoy!