Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Don't you just LOVE Grant Hill?

Here he is prior to game 3, receiving the Joe Dumars Trophy presented to the 2007-08 NBA Sportsmanship Award winner. And this is the 2nd time he's won it too. He just comes across as such a class act both on and off the court.

Read more about it here.

Well, I can't spend too much time on line right now because game 5 of the Suns/Spurs series starts soon and we are praying that the Suns can win this one and go on to make history by winning the next 3 games after being down 3 to zip in the series. I know that they CAN do it. Question is: WILL they do it?

I have lots to post about our (24 hour turn-around) weekend trip to So Cal. I realized that we have made that drive across the desert somewhere between 50 and 100 times over the last 30 years and there are lots of memories tied up in that drive. more to come on that...

...I hope to be back online celebrating a Suns victory in the coming days.

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