Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Homemade Gift Bag:
Check out this fun gift bag that I made. I was wrapping the last of our gifts this year and ran out of Christmas gift bags. I had this plain brown bag and decided to add the snowflake stencils with a white pen, then the fuzzy red snowflake ribbon on the top. Maybe someday I'll have time to do more homemade creations...I enjoy doing it, just rarely actually get around to it.

It was easy peasy!
Delayed Christmas Eve - Saturday
Note: some of these photos were taken on Amy's camera, (mostly by her) but the ones of her and Andrew and a few others were taken by me.

We had a great time with them this weekend! They got here early afternoon Saturday and left around 5 am on Monday morning. We were so thankful that they took the time to come to Phoenix to see us in their busy holiday season.

Doesn't Amy look great! She's got a new haircut, gorgeous new green cardigan and lost 25 pounds over the last few months! Andrew always looks so cute and is even starting to look older...he is getting close to 30, you know.

Some of our dearest friends (the Thompsons and Thrushes) came by to see us and them on Saturday night. It was a comfortable relaxing evening, just visiting, exchanging a few gifts and catching up after a busy year for all of us. Amy has known these families since she was born. They are like other parents for her, and Andrew has grown to love them as well. Our family is so blessed to have many caring, honest, supportive, encouraging and loving lifetime friends.

Their kids are like children for us too and we cherish the time we have with them all.

Miranda is getting ready to leave for a semester of college near London! We are so excited for her. I wish there was a way to go and visit while she's there. Amy's actually hoping to go for a short time to see her, which would be awesome!

Check out the beautiful apothecary jar that the Thompsons gave us!

The oranges are in it just to give you some perspective on the size. Those are good sized oranges (not small ones). I LOVE it and can't wait to decide what to put in it thru-out the year.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - Christmas Morning Memories

I have not kept up with the pace that Amy set for journaling Christmas traditions, but after reading some of hers, I thought I'd share a little more about me, since I'm not even sure that she and Kevin know a lot about my childhood Christmas experiences. This gets a bit long, so feel free to skim. It's probably only of interest to immediate family, but enjoy as you see fit.

I have many precious pictures clearly burned in my mind of holiday scenes in our little house in Ohio, but unfortunately my family members weren't much for picture taking, so we don't have very many actual Christmas photographs to share. I may have a few, but my picture organizing project is still waiting to be done as well, so someday I'll find them and post them.

To begin with, you need to understand that I was the 5th of 6 kids in a family of 8, in a small 3 bedroom home that probably wasn't much more that 1100 square feet or so. Downstairs was a small living room, eat-in kitchen, bedroom and the only bathroom in the house (with a tub, but no shower). Upstairs were 2 more bedrooms. My parents slept in the living room on those corner-to-corner sofas that had bolsters that could be removed from the back so you could sleep on the size of twin beds. There was a sliding wooden door that could be moved to close off the living room from the rest of the house when needed. When all of us were living at home, the 3 boys slept in one of the upstairs bedrooms, my sister Sharon and I shared the other upstairs bedroom and my oldest sister, Diane got the downstairs bedroom all to herself...I never quite understood that except my mom said something about her being the oldest and quite a bit older than us 2 younger girls so needed her privacy. Whatever! She had things pretty good.

Christmas memories:

We always had a 5 foot tall aluminum Christmas tree (like the one pictured above) with one of those colored light wheels that would sit in the corner and shine on the tree. The wheel would rotate to change the color of the tree from red to blue, then green to yellow. One year my mom would buy a bunch of glass ball ornaments all in the same color, like gold or blue. That's all that was hung on the tree. The next year she'd buy a set in a different color. Then, because inevitably some would get broken thru the years, the 3rd year she'd mix those two colors on the tree. That was our tree. It was sparkly and pretty, but kinda boring from the perspective of someone who likes variety and doesn't decorate the same way twice.

Before I was old enough to wrap presents my parents never wrapped anything for Christmas morning. Probably because there really wasn't a private place to do it with all the kids in the house, my dad wasn't home a lot and my mom didn't have much time with everything else that was going on.

In our house, mom did pretty much everything except work outside the home (for pay) and had to accomplish it all while depending on someone else to drive her around (since she didn't have a car or driver's license until we moved to Arizona when I was 16)...she did all the grocery and Christmas shopping, cleaning, baking, planning and helping with all of the 6 kids' school and holiday activities. She was very active in our neighborhood Homeowner's Association planning various parties and events every year, as well as in the PTA at Lake Elementary School. She was also the president or other officer of both organizations for many years, so she was a busy lady! I truly admire all that she was able to accomplish with her limited time, money and resources. She did an amazing job and loved us well with what she had available. I would have been about 5 years old when this picture of her was taken.

Back to Christmas morning...we would wake up on Christmas morning and come down the stairs. The door to the living room was closed and we weren't allowed to look in there until our parents said it was o.k. - Often, Mom would gather us all up and have us sit on the stairs in our new Christmas Eve PJs, our hair all messed up and take our picture. I don't have a photo of all the kids handy, but here's one of my oldest brother, Rusty when he was about 7, sitting on the stairs in 1959. I would have been about 8 months old when this was taken.

Finally they'd give in and let us in the living room. When we walked in, we saw the small room filled with toys and gifts, none of them wrapped, but all grouped in small piles or groupings for each person. All we needed to do was find out which grouping was ours! Sometimes it was obvious if there was something that we particularly wanted and we knew it was for us. Other times we were told which "pile" was ours and we immediately began investigating the treasures there.

It was a wonderful exciting day, but the anticipation and excitement were over much too quickly. So as soon as I was old enough to wrap presents (probably 8 or so) I talked my mom into letting me wrap all the gifts except my own. Then she (or someone) would wrap my presents. It was so awesome to have all the presents wrapped and even though I knew what everyone was getting, I didn't tell them, because I LOVE surprises and what fun would that be if everyone knew what they were getting? After that, we took the time to open each of our gifts. We never had a lot of structure that I recall, but at least the suspense was extended thru the time of opening.

God was good to us in all those years. We had our ups and downs and sometimes my dad was out of work because he was an iron worker and the weather would keep them from working. Even with hardships, I never remember going without some kind of presents on Christmas and being able to enjoy the holidays with people we loved.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all have an amazing holiday, celebrating the birth of our Lord!

Terry, Shredder and I are just relaxing this morning and will soon be wrapping presents...yes, just getting going on the wrapping. Don't you just love this pic of Terry and Shredder enjoying the Christmas paper together? I think Shredder is a bit put off by the fact that there's a PUPPY on the cover page! I mean really, what were they thinking?

Our sweet kitty is becoming more and more cuddly as she gets older (and the temperatures go down). Terry reluctantly lets her on his lap when my lap isn't available. So today we'll be lounging around most of the day, and also enjoy a special dinner together (just the two of us). We're hoping for a phone call from Kevin either today or Sunday (or both). We miss having all the kids here, but know that it's just another season of life that we're passing thru.

Our "official" Christmas won't be until Sunday when Amy & Andrew are here. We'll wait to open the majority of our gifts then.

Terry and I each opened our Christmas Eve gifts last night (pajamas and an ornament). Our Hann tradition is to get at least one ornament each year that relates to an event or interest. This year we got 3 ornaments.

The wooden one with the fruit tree we bought in New Hampshire in October at an artist's gallery. It reminds us of the gorgeous trees we saw there.

The camera is for me...self explanatory.

The wooden turtle is from Maui. We just bought it there earlier this month and it reminds us of the amazing animals and nature that we saw there.

I thought I'd share an updated photo of my branch as well. I've added the Christmas cards, photos and letters that we've received this year. It's so great looking at all those expressions of love and news from our dear friends and family when we walk in the front door. Thank you to all who took time out of their busy schedules to send them. I know that it gets more and more difficult every year to squeeze in all the holiday tasks. I didn't get a Christmas card or letter out yet this year but I'm seriously hoping to do one via email in the next week or so (since I'm off work).

Have a blessed day, filled with the love of family and friends.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Starving for Feedback

I was just looking at "Confessions of a Pioneer Woman" and noticed that she had over 7000 comments on one of her posts. I'm lucky if I get even one on most days.

Depressing...is anyone out there?
Journal Your Christmas - Advent Calendars

Amy also has a post about this topic here on her blog if you want to get her perspective.

When I was growing up, I don't remember my family ever having an advent calendar of any kind. I imagine it's because it's a little hard to manage just pulling off Christmas day when you have 6 kids, let alone remembering to do something 25 days in a row.

Christmas is my absolute favorite holiday and one that I want to stretch out as long as I can, so when our kids were little I thought it would be great to have some kind of an advent calendar. I was a little picky though. I didn't want one that gave them a piece of candy every day. There were enough sweets to be had and that's not a habit that I wanted to reinforce. We also couldn't afford (and didn't have the time to shop for) one that gave them a little present every day. Besides, how do you share that with 2 kids unless they each had one?

I also wanted one that focused on the birth of our Lord and not on Santa. Those are not exactly easy to come by, but in those early days there was a woman at our church, ODF...I don't remember her name now, but she made the most awesome crafts that focused on Christ and this was one of them!

This advent calendar (click photo to see the detail) has 25 slots, and the idea was to insert a piece of brown paper bag folded up and fringed a little on the end (to represent the hay in the manger) in each slot. Each day the kids would take turns opening one up to find a special activity to celebrate the season.

December is always a busy month, so near the end of November I would sit down and calendar all of our family commitments for church, school, etc. then fill in the dates when we'd get the tree, decorate it, hang stockings, go see Christmas lights and more. On the days that were left, I'd look at the TV schedule for all those great Christmas shows like Charlie Brown Christmas, The Grinch and all and fill those in as well. Of course, that was before TiVo and DVRs and VCRs and Netflix, etc. so if you didn't watch the show when it was on, you missed it for the year....and we couldn't let that happen. Finally on those odd days when we didn't already have something planned, I'd try to squeeze in some quiet activities, like reading a Christmas story or listening to Christmas music. One of my very favorites was turning out all the lights in the living room except the tree, laying on the floor and watching how the colored twinkle lights shown on the ceiling and walls making beautiful patterns and designs that were simply mesmerizing (and very relaxing during that crazy busy month). I do miss our twinkle lights sometimes because of this very activity.

When I got out the Baby Jesus Advent Calendar to take a picture this year, I looked at the slips that were still in it and discovered that it was last used in 1996 (our 19th anniversary was Dec 9th that year). Amy would have been 14 and Kevin was 12...right about the time that they started getting bored with the whole idea and probably a little too busy as well.

Even though we don't have anyone around to pull the slips each day, I decided to keep it hanging up this year, just for the fun of it. I love this little treasure and hope that either Amy or Kevin will adopt it (or something like it) someday.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Journal Your Christmas - Christmas Stockings
So, I'm way behind on my Christmas posts because of our vacation (which was well worth it). I even still have more vacation pics that will come later. This post is related to the one that Amy did about stockings, so you can see more here at her blog too.

As a child, we lived in a 2 story house, so my mom always hung our stockings on the railing of the stairs. We slept upstairs so it was always really wonderful to come down in the mornings and see our stockings brimming with goodies. She usually didn't wrap the items inside, so we could get a sneak peek of some of the treats before we even got all the way downstairs.

My mom isn't much of a "keeper" of things, so I don't have any stockings from that time. I'm not sure if she started the tradition of placing an orange in the toe of the stocking (see Amy's blog too) or if she was carrying it on from her family. My theory is that they put an orange in the toe because in the winter in Ohio, oranges were a special treat. Sometime, I really need to ask her. I honestly don't remember what else we got in there, probably candy canes, little toys like jacks and balls, etc. I do remember life savers in there too.

When our kids were growing up, we wrapped most of their little stocking goodies. I think because I like to draw out the suspense as long as I can, I want to have as much as possible wrapped. It's just too quick to pull out an item and see what it is right away. It takes a little longer in prep time, but it's worth it. We also added the tradition of including a toothbrush in their stockings every year. (Good time for it with all the sweets around.)

When Terry and I got married, his mom gave us his family stocking (pictured here). I think we may have used it the first year or two, but as you can imagine, it's a bit worn and a little small for our liking, so we replaced it somewhere along the line. I love having it here and will pass it along to the kids someday for posterity. It's made of very thin felt and his name is written in that green glitter glue stuff. Very cute!

When Amy was born she was the first grandchild on Terry's side of the family and her Grandma Hann (or as she calls her now - Grandma Irish) was so excited about a grandchild and especially that she was a girl (she had 6 boys, then adopted a girl). In celebration of Amy, Grandma made her a GIANT hooked rug-type stocking and hung it at her house. It was at least 3 feet tall or more. To top it off, she actually filled it with presents too. Can you say "spoiled"? Amy was definitely the center of attention in this big family, to say the least. Anyway, I don't have a picture of it handy. In fact, I think Amy may have it (in storage probably). Fortunately, Grandma didn't continue the tradition with the other grandkids...she would have gone broke filling them all.
After Kevin was born, I made these red ones. I sewed them from a reversible quilted fabric, then added the iron-on letters at the top. Each one had a different kind of trim on the cuff. You might notice something a little quirky about one of them. See if you can figure out what's wrong and I'll tell you later.

A few years ago I bought 6 of these navy and white ones at the after-Christmas sales at Target, along with a matching tree skirt. I think they're made of wool with the snowflakes embroidered on. I actually bought 2 each of 3 different designs. I haven't put permanent names on them yet, but I have enough for a few "new" family members in the future. I know they're not traditional colors, but still love their classic simplicity.

In our home now, we don't really have the perfect spot for hanging the stockings together, so I just scatter them around the living room hanging them on various knobs. We also usually have a stocking for our cat, Shredder with a couple of treats and maybe some catnip in it. She loves her treats and also loves playing in the piles of wrapping paper! I'll have to see if I can find one of those pictures.

On Christmas morning we always open our stocking gifts first, then move on to the ones under the tree. We have a great "system" that I'll write more about another day.

O.k. did you figure out what's wrong with the red stockings? Terry's "Dad" stocking has the letters "D" backwards. When I was ironing them on, I put the first "D" on backwards, then put on the "A", then noticed that the "D" wasn't right. So if I ironed the other "D" the right way, it would bring attention to the fact that the first one was wrong. I think with both of them the same, people tend to not notice quite as much. Funky huh? Oh well, nothing's perfect. It will be a funny story for the grandkids someday...

Note: don't miss the new post about my sister Sharon below.
Sharon in Kuwait - Part 3

Here's an update from Sharon. I'm pretty far behind on posting her communications, but don't want to bury you with information, so I'll continue to inject these as time/space allows. If you want to catch up on previous posts, go here.

From Sharon,
"Yesterday, when I came into work we had a message from a wife who reported that her husband had told her he was wanting to end his life. This is a desperate situation for a soldier with a gun. We began to work on locating this soldier. We found his command in Baghdad about 30 minutes after we received the emergency message. Command will find the soldier and take steps to protect him from himself. I hope we found them in time. I may have made a difference to that one.

Through out my shift I pass messages relating to the death of grandparents, actively dying parents, brothers and sisters in ICU and children's tragic accidents. Any form of tragedy, illness or death in every form imaginable passes through the Red Cross and we handle the cases for all of Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. We also assist Afghanistan and Iraq by locating service members with a secret security locator program that is supposed to track all service members. Here in Kuwait we pass about 30 emergency communication messages per day.

At the end of my shift yesterday, I was sent a message from Afghanistan that they were having difficulty locating a soldier. The address provided by the family was in Afghanistan, the locator system provided data indicating he was in Kuwait. I was torn on how to focus this search. I made two phone calls here to reliable connections and they did not see him anywhere in the system. The locator system for this soldier had not been updated since April so it was hopelessly outdated and unreliable as a resource. In the meantime his mother was actively dying and I wanted desperately to help him get home before it was too late. It is important! But I did not know where he was and my resources were wearing thin. I made a decision. I believed that since the locator system records for him had not been updated for him since last April, he was probably here when he first came into the theater and had moved out to Afghanistan. I dispatched the emergency message back to Afghanistan with a few more bits of information that I had picked up from the locator system. I hope they found him. I hope he got home in time to see his mother before she died...I hope.

I went home last night with specters of soldiers wandering lost and alone in the desert darkness. I know that this is probably not true, but it feels that way from here sometimes. The Air Force is always able to locate its members, they have a very good system.It takes us only 2-3 calls and as many minutes to locate Air Force service members. The Army has much to be desired in this area. Sometimes it takes as many as 20 hours and as many phone calls to locate an Army Soldier, but 99% of the time we do find them. Sometimes they get to go home and spend the
last few minutes , hours or days with there loved ones or they are able to pay their respects and attend the funeral. It makes a difference to those ones.

Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm excited to be a first time participant in the Christmas Tour. I must say that this year the decorations are lighter than usual, due to the fact that we just returned from a 10 day vacation. I love adding and changing decorations each year for a new and different look. I love variety, and I'm sure I've never decorated the same way twice. Here are just a few of my favorites this year.
We've always enjoyed an "eclectic" Christmas tree, filled with ornaments that remind us of special seasons and people in our past. This year the tree focuses on reds and crystal along with all sorts of metals-silver, gold, even rusty tin with a few dashes of other natural treasures sprinkled thru-out. The heart shaped ornament with the photo of Terry and I is from our 25th Anniversary. This year we just celebrated our 31st in Maui!
Our tree topper this year is a rusted metal star. I love the casual feel that it brings to the tree.
This collection of evergreens began with the trees that lived in my Christmas village. I haven't had the space or time to put up the whole village in the last few years, but I enjoy the trees and have even added more to the collection. The one in the center is made of metal with jingle bells hanging from the branches. It reminds me of the tree in Whoville. I found it at Big Lots for a steal. I also received the three tall white trees and another silver one (pictured behind the snacks) last year. I love the retro look of these.
This bare branch hangs in my living room all year long. These previous posts tell a little about the history of the branch, including how I decorated it thru-out last year. This year it's quite simple. Rusted metal and white crocheted snowflakes with a crystal garland. I may be adding my Christmas cards as well.
We've enjoyed this nativity for many years. It took me a long time to find it. I wanted one that was more realistic. Some nativities look too "holy" while others are too cutsie. I also wanted one where the baby Jesus isn't attached to the manger. Normally we don't put the baby out until Christmas morning (since that's his birthday after all).

Thank you so much for stopping by my home. Since we're just back in town, I haven't had a chance to make a homemade treat, but for anyone who knows me, we always have something tasty to share with friends who drop by.
In honor of our Maui vacation, I can offer you either a tasty cup of piping hot chocolate or a glass of wine from Maui's own winery. We also have delicious macadamia nuts as well as extra special Hershey's kisses with macadamia nuts inside, made only in Hawaii.
Enjoy your holiday season and may your days be filled with the love of family and friends.

Friday, December 12, 2008

West Maui Drive & Dinner
Doesn't my sweetie look cute in his convertible? Whenever we drive with the car top down, he just keeps saying..."This is so NOT us." But I think he's enjoying it anyway. The island breezes and the views are so wonderful. It's fun.

Yesterday we took a drive up the West coast of Maui. It's beautiful relatively unspoiled countryside. Here are a few of the sights that we saw.

This stack of rocks was at one of the pulloffs. I don't know if it has any significance. I just thought it looked cool with the gorgeous blue water in the background.

Next is a natural blowhole near the shore. You can get an idea of scale if you look at the person in pink near it.

Sad news is that when we came up from seeing the blowhole, we discovered that 4 cars had been broken into right there by the road while they were down at the beach. There was shattered glass all over the place from the car windows that were broken and one family was still there on the phone reporting that her purse had been stolen. What a sad thing to happen on vacation and pathetic that people would prey on others when they're trying to enjoy themselves out in nature.

Fortunately, we had our convertible top down and had removed everything valuable, so they didn't do anything to our car.
Last night we went out to the Sansei Seafood Restaurant.
We've heard they have great sushi. I'm not a raw fish fan, but Terry and some of the others in our group like it. Besides they also have other seafood options too. It was an amazing meal. I only got a few food photo ops because everyone started eating right when the dishes came because they looked so delicious. We had several of their award winning appetizers.
This was Terry's dinner. The crispy nest on top was filled with a tasty seafood cake that we also had as an appetizer. Underneath was a big serving of Ahi and rice. Mmmmm

Take a look at their site thru the link above and see how creative they get with their dishes.

And below are pictures of the moon in the morning (Terry took this one), then the moon last night behind the palm branches.

A new blogger joins our little community...

Hey guys, our friend and musician, Dave Argentati has started a blog! Please go there and visit, then comment so he knows he's not alone in cyberspace.

That's the worst feeling, being out there with no indication that anyone is listening or cares.

Here's the link. Be sure to bookmark it or add it to your RSS feed.



Thursday, December 11, 2008

And God said, "Let there be rain."
We were awakened very early this morning to the sounds of the wind whistling thru our windows. I'm not sure how strong they were, but it's been blowing and raining pretty hard this morning. Our power even went out for a few seconds. It's hard to tell from the photos, but it's kind of a blustery day. We had a flash flood warning for our area today too.
You can see Terry on our balcony, enjoying the weather.

It's actually a nice change of pace, although it prevented Rosanne & Marilyn from going parasailing today. We're hoping for better weather tomorrow. I'll be their photographer from the shore. What fun!
So, as mentioned before, there's a lot to report. Let me try to pick just a few highlights to talk about. My current photo count is around 1400 plus the 50 or so on the two disposable underwater cameras that I bought. Of course, I took over 700 just on the first day, on the road to Hana. Several people in the group have taken pictures too, so we should have a great collection once the trip is complete. The photo of the beach chairs is from yesterday. We've had nearly ideal weather all week, so we can't really complain about a rainy day.
Yesterday we spent some time relaxing at the beach. Alison asked me to take this picture of her husband, Michael sleeping. (click to enlarge) Doesn't he look so innocent? Like a little boy.

We also had some great free entertainment on the beach.
Check out this "island boy" doing a headstand on his boogie board. We saw flips and tricks of all sorts.

I was enthralled with this kite surfer too. There were times that the wind lifted him up out of the water and carried him 10 feet or so in the air. Very cool! He was out there for what seemed like an hour or more. He had to be exhausted when he was done.
Here are some pics of the rest of our group. In order as shown:

Dan & Pam: Pam is Steve & Barb's daughter and Dan runs Wide Open Films out of our offices. Sweet couple!
Gary & Richelle (Richelle is Steve & Barb's trainer and has been doing classes for anyone interested while we're here.) We haven't taken advantage of it, though. I can't speak for Terry, but for me, it's because I am so out of shape that I was worried about being too sore to enjoy the rest of the vacation.
Gary is a Tennis Pro for his own, Donnelly Tennis Academy. Check him out if you're in need of lessons in the Scottsdale area. They have 5 kids! It's been so much fun getting to know them.
Mark & Marilyn (Can you tell it was a bit windy?) Marilyn does all the accounting for the office. Her office is right next to my desk and it's been great getting to know her over the last few months. She's a hoot! Once in a while she'll just break into song, singing something from an old musical. She's a girl after my own heart...reminds me of having the kids at home singing all the time.

Mark does something relating to connecting investors with businesses for sale. That's all I know, except for the fact that he keeps track of thousands of contacts in a spreadsheet. It's amazing that he can keep track of so many people that way. He's a wonderful guy, from what I can tell...he's pretty quiet, so it may take some time. Rosanne & Ken - Rosanne is Executive Director & Giving Officer for Steve & Barbara. She's also the one who hired me and is my direct boss. She's an awesome lady to work with and for and has become a friend as well. I love her spirit of adventure. She went to Africa earlier this year with her teenage grandson. How awesome for both of them! Ken is a chiropractor and a great guy as well. It's fun getting to know him.
Last night we went to the Feast at Lele, in Lahaina. It's a wonderful luau type event with food and dances from four different island regions. What a treat! It was a little windy at the start of the night, but calmed down later on. The performers were all so talented and the costumes were amazing. The food had excellent variety and with 4 different regional food courses, plus dessert there was plenty of it. The dances were gorgeous.
My favorite was the fire dance, as you can imagine. Here's just a glimpse of what they looked like. By the time the fire dancer was finished he was glistening with perspiration. That must be a warm and dangerous job! I wonder if he gets hazardous duty pay?

So that's just a glimpse of today and yesterday. I'll go back to the previous days as time allows.
Sorry for the spacing issues. I just gave up on trying to get rid of all the gaps.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maui - Happy Anniversary to us!

31 years as of yesterday! We've been having a blast! God was so good to allow us to come here to celebrate our anniverary and enjoy 10 days with some wonderful folks and new friends.

I still need to post about snorkeling, seeing whales and dolphins, Haleakala crater, the Tedeschi Winery where this picture was taken.
More pics to come.
Tonight we're going to the Feast at LeLe.
Just an FYI, I've been trying to post some comments to a few other blogs, but I keep getting an error message, which is frustrating. I hope they get it fixed soon.