Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We got an update from Terry's brother last night and they have their most important items packed and ready to leave their house if they need to evacuate. The fires have come pretty close to them in the last day or so. If we were still living there we would have had to evacuate our home, but so far its still standing.

Here's a little excerpt from their email.

"So yesterday, we spent most of the day watching the news, thinking, "Wow!"...but thinking we weren't really affected. But late last night, it started to change, and we kept watching it getting closer and closer because of the CRAZY wind. So I slept from 2-5 this AM, and Kristi slept from about 5-7. So we're kinda tired, but as it NOW looks, the wind is in our favor. Of course, the wind seems to shift every 5 minutes (and they predict these winds to last through Thursday), so we're still on alert. But Spencer gets to have fun on the roof with the hose, and Lucas gets 2 days off of school, so there's always a silver lining!"

Be in prayer for all those families that are out of their homes. Some will go back to rubble and some to the place they love...its a very traumatic time to say the least...and imagine what you would take if you just had a few minutes to grab things.


linda t said...

Oh my... so scary. I have thought what I would take...

We'll be praying for Ted and his family... and many others.

Sher's Creative Expressions said...

It's terribly scary isn't it? I think I'd be outta there NOW, before I was told to evacuate. I can understand how people are hesitate to leave their homes, but it's better than losing their lives.