Monday, October 22, 2007

Agua Dulce "Buckweed" Wildfire:

Some of the fires in So Cal are dangerously close to our old neighborhood and there's an evacuation station set up at Amy & Kevin's old high school! If you click the link above to the map, imagine that we lived near Copper Hill and Bouquet Canyon Roads.

Here's more info as well.

We had some close calls when we lived there, but not as close as this is and there were times when there was so much soot and ash in the air that it looked like a war zone. We still have lots of friends and family that live in that area.

Those wildfires can be so unpredictable, especially with the strong winds they're having. There are wind gusts of up to 30 mph which is making the fires so difficult to contain. At least 25,000 acres have burned and mandatory evacuations are happening now.

I'm sure this is all very scary for please keep them in your prayers.

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