Friday, September 07, 2007

Let the blogging begin!

This is what my prickly pear cactus looks like right now. The red "fruit" is what people make prickly pear jelly and other concoctions from. Some day I'll have to try it. We'll see if it's this year. I hate to see them ripen and not use them, but the birds seem to like them if I don't do anything.

Here's a site with some interesting recipes for ways to use the fruit and even the cactus, I think.

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linda t said...

Looking forward to this weekend!
Yes, let's ride with each other on the way up... guys together and you and I together. Maybe make em stop at a couple yard sales in Prescott!!
Talked to Carol about eating out Friday nite and then cooking on Sat. nite. How's that sound?