Monday, August 27, 2007

I LOVE user-friendly technology!!!

So have you downloaded Google Earth yet? It's absolutely amazing! I looked up the addresses of several friends around the world, literally...(those whose houses I haven't been to before) and it was so awesome to see physically where they live. You can see the trees in their yard, a pool, driveway, sometimes even a car.

It's a little scary to think of the detail in the program, but cool at the same time.

You can look up so many things. One tip I heard was to look up hotels where you're thinking of staying to see if they're near railroad tracks or busy highways. Sometimes I wonder why one hotel is so much cheaper than another in the same area, and this may help you to find that information. You can also look at the stars and sky with this. Check it out. You can spend hours there.

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ATS said...

do you know they now have google sky where you can look at stars and galaxies and things. ...