Monday, June 18, 2007

Check this out (especially Kevin)

I'm researching places to stay and to visit on our vacation in July, near the border of California and Oregon. I was checking out the Mendocino area and came across some info about Boonville, California; one of the towns that we may be going thru on vacation.

Apparently it's known for its many wineries and breweries, but also their lingo...called Boontling. See more about it here. It's kinda sweet. Kinda makes you want to eavesdrop on an old local.

Anyway, off to do more research, so we can book a place to stay soon...

We're concentrating on the area around the Redwoods, so if anyone has any suggestions, we're definitely open to them.

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Kevun said...

That's pretty cool. The evolution of languages is interesting. If these people had been isolated for a few more generations I bet this could have evolved into a mutually unintelligible language with english (which is a germanic, not a romance language. Everyone seems confused about that).