Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Be sure to go visit Amy's blog and say congratulations to her. She finished her thesis defense for her Master's degree yesterday and doesn't have to do any revisions, which is almost unheard of. All she has to do is get the formatting approved, and have it printed, then she's finished!!! No more school...unless she decides to go on for her Doctorate.

We're so proud of her! She's such a hard worker and very disciplined in accomplishing her goals. She has been going to school for quite a while and has always worked at least part time while she's attending. These last few months she's been working full time! She even planned a wedding while she was going to school! I'm sure she'll be glad to finally have some more free time to enjoy her photography and scrapping, reading for fun and her new husband, Andrew.

We went out to dinner last night to celebrate and she was so relieved to be done. We're still in discussions about a possible party. Since there's so much going on in May, it may not be until June. We'll keep everyone posted.

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