Thursday, April 19, 2007

The Playoffs Begin!!!!

It's official. The Suns start the playoffs on Sunday at noon against the L.A. Lakers.
We'll have to get busy and start making plans for our playoff get togethers.

Here's a few pics from Terry's birthday last year during the playoffs.
You'll notice on the TV that we were also playing the Lakers...and winning! We're expecting the same results this year, even tho Kobe is a superstar, he can't carry the team on his back for that many games. We had a purple and orange dinner in honor of the Suns!


linda t said...

Soooo excited for all the upcoming games!
I'm actually getting kinda nervous about em!
SUNS in four!!! Let's sweep them Lakers!

miranda said...

okay... so I don't follow basketball and can't sit and watch a game for longer than 5 minute incriments, but I always love a good get together!! So think of me in your plans... I mean I am supposed to marry a suns player right? So you all can get free tickets in a suite or something?

ATS said...

the only ABC games this first round are the Suns/Lakers and the Heat/whoever ... which means we get to watch 2 games! yay!

linda t said...

Hey Nancy, come on over to my blog and take a guess... before the big reveal later today!

Nancy said...

It looks like fun even though I am not a basketball fan. Any reason for a party is a good reason. Where did you get the "N" behind the picture of you on your blog? I could use an "N" like that too, since we share the same name. That is a blessing indeed