Sunday, April 08, 2007


I hope you're enjoying a day of thankfulness and worship. Hallelujah, HE IS RISEN!!!

We enjoyed a wonderful Good Friday service and will be seeing lots of folks baptized this morning at Open Door. What better way to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

It's a beautiful morning. Current temp 66, today's high 86 degrees. Amy and Andrew are coming over for dinner and to watch the Suns game. Terry's going to make a delicious ham on the grill. It's too bad that Kevin's not here to enjoy the day with us. We miss him!!!

I'll post some pics later and for some reason, all the photos from Amy's birthday post disappeared so I'll post some more back there as well.

Have a wonderful day!


linda t said...

The pics from one of my posts from last week disappeared too! Don't know why... has never happened before!
Great day yesterday... the services, the game, the gorgeous weather!
Thanks again for such a fun, wonderful night out with you guys after the Good Friday service!! We loved the food and fellowship!

Julie said...

Hi Nancy, I read your comment to me on Amy's blog about downloading sermons from Open Door fellowship. I will!! I am looking forward to it.