Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Check out this awesome free geneology website! It's called Geni (Everyone's related). Every time you add a family member and include their email address they get an invitation to go online and add as much info as they want and add more family members. It's quite addicting. I just added like 10 people as soon as I got online.

Supposedly, the only people who can see your tree are those that you invite to join, so that helps keep it secure, hopefully. I still probably wouldn't put too much personal info in there...besides, you never know who will end up in your extended family...there are lots of black sheep out there.

It makes me want to just keep going... The good news is that if my family members go online and complete their sections it will save me a lot of time and I'll learn more about them too! This could be a really great addiction.

Have fun!


Julie said...

You're right it is fun.

linda t said...

Can't wait to do it!!

Nancy said...

My computer crashed and I lost all of my blogger friends addresses. I found you over at Linda's today and Linda at Nitty Gritty so slowly I am getting it all back.

This sounds like fun. I can't wait to do it. Thanks for sharing.