Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So my friends and I were considering the possibility of attending the Creative Escape Scrapping Retreat here in Phoenix in September. Not sure if we would have made it, since it's $599 per person without the hotel. BUT it doesn't matter anyway because, according to the website, the registrations sold out in less than 2 minutes!!! It's a good thing we didn't have our hearts set on it ladies.

Well, I just sent them an email to see if they need any volunteers to help with the event...thought it might be fun and a way to sit in on some of the classes. If I get any details, I'll definitely pass it on to our scrapping group because all of you would be awesome there!

If any of you see any announcements looking for volunteers (maybe on Heidi or someone's web site or in magazines) let me know. I think it might be a good foot in the door to a new career path.

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miranda said...

I have a massage chair!!! I will be a great asset to the volunteer group!!