Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Trip Advisor posted a few of my pics on their restaurant review web page for Santiago's, the Mexican restaurant that we went to in Bisbee. Just go to the site and click on "View Candid Traveler Photos" and you'll see 3 of them. No big deal, I just had to submit them for approval, then they post them.

Just thought it was fun!

This place had this pork dish that was amazing, but I can't find a menu listing so I don't know what it was called. It's the meat on top of the tortilla on the left side of the plate.

More to come about Bisbee...Enjoy!


linda t said...

Wow! I am so excited for so many to see your pics!
You are very, VERY good Nancy!
So far there are dozens that you have taken that are so frame-worthy!
The colors and textures on your blog pic are enchanting... I want to be there!

Amy said...