Monday, January 29, 2007

Quick update before I leave for work...

We're hoping to get the o.k. for mom to go home today. She was up walking and sitting in a chair yesterday and eating as usual. She had a few levels in her system that were a bit out of whack, like sodium and magnesium, etc. so they wouldn't let her go yesterday. I wasn't there when the nurse or doctor talked to my sister, so not sure what those issues would mean. They were expecting to have everything back to normal by today so she can go home.

She's definitely ready to get home and back to her routines.


linda t said...

Your Mom is an inspiration.
I sure hope I am that independant at her age... good for her!

Nicole T said...

Im glad to hear your mom is getting better! I hope they let her get back to her routine today! The hospital only seems to make people more sick if they are there for too long! Get her out now!