Sunday, January 14, 2007

One quick post, then I'm outta here for today!

Just a little tease about our Bisbee trip. This is a branch that we saw in one of the local Mexican restaurants (Santiago's) when we visited in December. I also saw a similar branch in a magazine with photos hanging from clips. I LOVE IT!!! I'm not really into ultra-modern things but somehow I think this is cool. You could change the decorations with the seasons. I'm thinking I'd hang things from those drapery clips from Ikea. Things like photos or Christmas ornaments or postcards or mittens or whatever strikes my fancy.

Now I'm on the lookout for the perfect branch. Let me know if you see one.


Aaron said...

one of my favorite road trips ever involved me, shawn, and jeremy evens stopping in, amongst other places, bisbee, arizona. what a bizarre, yet cool, town. excellent road trip choice!

linda t said...

I am on the look-out for my perfect branch too!
The coolest pic!
Nancy, you have sooo many awesome pics that are so frame worthy!