Friday, September 29, 2006

Scott's new blog

Check out my friend Scott's new blog. I suppose you're asking who in the world is Scott? Scott Crozier is a dear friend that I've kept in touch with for close to 4 decades. Can you believe it? I've actually known him since I was about 7 or 8 years old. He can probably correct the year. He remembers everything! I knew him when I was a little kid because he was one of my brother, Pat's friends from the time they were very young. Scott was also in Cub Scouts and my mom was their Den Mother. All those scouts in their cute little uniforms used to come over and work on earning their merit badges, usually in the kitchen, with my mom's help.

As we got older and into jr. high or high school, rumors spread around our little town that Scott had become a "Jesus Freak". I didn't pay much attention since we weren't really close friends at the time. I hung out with the drinking crowd and he was older and a "Jesus freak". What did we have in common?

After my freshman year of high school, God used Scott as one of His tools to lead me to Christ. After that we became fast and dear friends. I loved to listen to him play his guitar and sing. He's got an amazing voice! I also loved to watch him and his best friend, Gene Moore goof off. They had so much fun imitating the 3 stooges and just being crazy. We laughed a lot & they taught me many things in that next year. We studied the Bible together, visited all kinds of churches together, we talked and talked about everything and sang and sang. We went to any Christian concert we could find in the area. We spent hours upon hours at Shirley's house fellowshipping, sharing our faith, reading, praying, and just enjoying life. I really grew in so many ways because of Scott's influence on my life when I was 15.

What I just realized is that we were only together as friends for about a year, because my family moved to Arizona just before I turned 16. Isn't it amazing that we could form such a bond in just a year? It was a very special year of my life!

I'm so thankful that we still keep in touch now. I think we've seen each other in person maybe 4 or 5 times over the last 30 years, but I'm still thrilled to call him my friend. Maybe some day he'll come out and visit us in Arizona.

Scott is a teacher and lives in southern Ohio with his beautiful wife, Becky and their 2 nearly grown daughters. He emails a few times a year just to let me know that he's still alive. He's a wonderfully creative guy in so many ways. He's an artist, a song writer, a singer and a writer. Wouldn't you love to have a teacher like that? I still remember the sculptures that he made in high school art class. They were so cool! I wish I had one now.

I'm hoping that his blog will help me keep up on what he's doing and I think once he dives in to the writing you'll love to read his stuff. Check it out!

No pressure or anything Scott.

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Scott said...

Wow!! Talk about making someone cry...I printed out your Sept. 29 blog, to keep in a safe place, for down days. What a terrific honor you have paid me! Thank you so much for remembering the good parts:)